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WOWbooks by Dreamtivity lets children read, interact with live video, and sing while they learn about important topics. This FREE, easy-to-use app works with any of the WOWbooks series by making the books come to life with real or animated video clips. Just download the app to your smart device, launch the app, and then by holding your device over the image in the picture frame, the video will play. Children will learn fun facts on each of the subjects while they experience the subject through video. Each book also includes 8 downloadable songs, lyrics, and a read along of the book.
WOWbooks in this series include:
• Out of the Deep
• Down on the Farm
• Bring on the Fun
• Walk in the Wild

Features of this series include:
1. The ability to read, sing, and watch topics come to life to make learning more interesting and interactive.
2. The building of motor skills and coordination through sing a mobile device at a young age.
3. The use of multiple learning modalities including auditory (hearing), visual (seeing), kinesthetic (moving), and tactile (touching).

Additional features of this series include:
• 8 video’s per title with sound
• Easy-to-use FREE app
• 8 downloadable songs with lyrics pdf
• Read along of book
• Fabulous photo’s
• Music by Twin Sisters®, the leader in children’s educational music with more than 50 million albums sold!

Bonus! Each app includes 1 FREE video inside the app.

Ages: 4-8 years